Same Day Crowns in Indio, California


Custom Designed, Same Day Crowns

At Indio Dental Services-Super Smiles in Indio, CA, get more out of your dental appointment with same day crowns that are crafted and created at our dental office. Rather than having two separate visits, we are able to take impressions, create your new crown and restore your smile all on the same day.

Realistic, Same Day Crowns

Not only are the crowns we craft at Indio Dental Services-Super Smiles strong and long-lasting, but they also look real. We always aim for a more natural smile, so we use dinstinct shadings to choose a shade of white that best matches the rest of your teeth.

No Temporary Crown Needed With Same Day Crowns

Lose the temporary crown while your permanent crown is created. At Indio Dental Services-Super Smiles in Indio, California, our dentists will restore your broken, chipped or degenerated tooth with a permanent crown on the same day. Using digital impressions and 3D technology we will greatly reduce the time you will be in a dental chair.
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